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Clutter Free: Junk Drawer

BUTTONThis post is Day 8 in my 31 Days to Clutter Free series.

I actually cleaned out our kitchen junk drawer a while back – you can read about it here – but it’s been a few months, and of course it hasn’t stayed perfectly organized.

So today I took a few minutes to clear out the random stuff that’s accumulated in there and make things a little easier to find. Here’s the before picture:


I threw away some outdated coupons, an empty match box, and a few bits of trash that had made their way in here. Most of what was in the drawer does actually belong here, it just took a few minutes of rearranging to get things looking nice and orderly again.

Here’s the “after:”



These dividers (from Target) are the best thing about this drawer and what make it so much more functional!




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