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Clutter Free: Entryway


This post is Day 2 of my 31 Days to Clutter Free series. 

(Please excuse the less than stellar photos in today’s post – all were taken on my iPhone and in poor light, since I worked on this project after the kiddo went to bed).

Today’s task, according to Ruth Soukup’s month-long decluttering plan, was to de-clutter our home’s entryway. Our formal entryway has exactly nothing in it except a mirror and a rug:


Pretty boring. So instead, I chose the entryway we actually use the most – the door from the garage into the kitchen. This is the place where our keys, my purse, the mail, shoes, and the diaper bag end up everyday. Here’s the “before” picture:


Doesn’t look too bad, right? The inside of the cabinet was another story.


This cabinet was the main focus of today’s de-cluttering mission. And whoo-wee did I find some ancient artifacts in here.

We’ve been in our house for about three and a half years, and in this cabinet I found to-do lists from the weekend we moved in. Also, some plastic grocery bags left from the previous owners, multiple years-old phone books, a weird looking “beside the fire christmas carols” CD that looks like it was bought at a gas station, and a bunch of other crap.


Like usual when I’m organizing, I divided things into piles: Trash, Donate, Reorganize in Same Space, or Belongs Somewhere Else. Most of the stuff ended up in either the trash or donation pile.

One of my ground rules for this month-long challenge is to not buy any new organizing tools like baskets, boxes, or bins. I managed to find some bins that I bought from the Target dollar section a while back, and they were the perfect size.

Here’s what it looks like now: several cookbooks (bottom left) and a few special greeting cards we want to keep, plus baby announcements we’ve received…I always like keeping those (bottom right bin).


Although the top two bins are empty right now, I’ll use one of them for bibs (couldn’t grab them right now since they’re in a room with a sleeping baby). I’m not quite sure what I’ll put in the other bin, but I’m trying to think of something that’ll be convenient to have near the door/near the kitchen table. (Maybe extra diapers…I always realize right when we’re almost out the door that the diaper bag needs restocking).

And the view with the cabinet doors closed:

IMG_1496 IMG_1497

Ahh, much better. I took off a cookbook and a vase that was on top, and I also switched out the leaf-shaped container that held our keys/sunglasses with a bowl from Target.

Overall it took right at an hour to de-clutter this entryway. Now it’s much more functional and easier on the eyes – hooray!


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