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Clutter Free: DVDs and Video Games


This post is Day 6 in my 31 Days to Clutter Free series. 

Today’s post is about paring down our DVDs and video games. And how we made almost 80 bucks in the process!

This bookshelf in our living room is where most of our DVDs live:




I enlisted my hubby’s help to sort through and decide which ones we really want to keep.

Honestly, we hardly ever pick a DVD from here to watch — we usually watch movies streaming through our TV (Netflix, OnDemand, etc.). But we do want to keep a collection of movies we really love and think we’ll watch again, and the process was fairly easy once we set that standard.

Of course we didn’t always agree on what should make the cut (my life would go on just fine without all the Rocky movies, and Will isn’t exactly a raving fan of Pride & Prejudice), but if a movie was important to one of us, we let it stay.

We also had some stacks of movies in the garage, so we sorted through those, too. I can’t believe we’ve held on to so many movies!

Will also sorted through his video games.

De-cluttering is great, but it’s even better when you can make some money off what you don’t want! We usually donate stuff, but Will found an app named Decluttr which lets you scan each item to see how much they’ll pay you for it.

Here’s our “to sell” pile:


For 94 movies and 10 video games, we’ll get $79.63! What!

(They’re sending us a label to use for shipping them off).

Now our DVD cabinet looks like this:


We had them loosely categorized before, but with more room, we were able to make the categories more distinct. They’re divided into Action, Drama, Comedy, Romantic Comedy/Chick Flicks, Horror/Suspense, and the bottom left is both Old Classics & Christmas movies.

Now our DVD collection is much more efficiently organized (with movies we actually like), and we made almost 80 bucks. Win!

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