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Clutter Free: Dining Area

BUTTONThis post is Day 9 of my 31 Days to Clutter Free series. 

Today’s de-cluttering focus (according to this plan I’m following) is our dining area.

We don’t typically use our formal dining room. We’ve maybe eaten in there once since we’ve lived in this house – that’s kind of sad now that I think about it! But the seats are more comfortable at our kitchen table, and it’s just more convenient since it’s right there in the kitchen. And now that we have Weston, it works out better anyways since his highchair is about the same level as the kitchen table (the dining room table is much taller).

We eat all of our meals in the kitchen and walk past this table every time we enter the house, so clutter does pile up. We try to clear it off every night before bed so it doesn’t get too disastrous.

Here’s a “before” photo of how it looked at the end of the day today, but it usually looks much worse!



As you can see, shoes pile up on the floor beside the table. And random stuff that belongs other places usually ends up in a stack at the far end.

After Weston goes to bed every night, Will and I spend about 15 minutes tidying up before we hang out and relax – that includes putting up the toys spread everywhere in the living room, cleaning up any dinner mess, and putting away whatever has built up throughout the day on the kitchen table.

I love starting each day off with a tidied up living room/kitchen. If I wake up to clutter everywhere, it’s much harder for me to be productive throughout the day.

After about five minutes of cleaning up this area and putting stuff where it belonged (new packages of baby wipes in the nursery, shoes in the closet, receipts in the office to shred), it was back to normal:


And now I can sleep easier knowing there’s not a huge mess out here waiting for me tomorrow morning!


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