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Our Favorite Baby Products

When I was pregnant with Weston, Will and I were clueless when it came to creating a baby registry. Who knew there were so many baby-related products? And were they all really necessary?  Walking into Babies ‘R Us and seeing everything in all its pink and blue pastel glory is pretty intimidating. Thankfully, my incredibly kind sis-in-law (who had a baby just months before) helped us wade through those murky waters by helping out with our registry.

If a little one is in your future and you happen to be as confused as we were by all the products out there, here’s a list of our top five must-have items, in addition to the obvious things like diapers, bottles, pacifiers, etc.. Of course, every parent (and baby) is different, and this list is by no means exhaustive, but we use each of these products daily and love having them for our five and half month old.


1. Aden + Anais blankets – These large, muslin blankets are super soft and breathable, so they’re great for swaddling. They’re also handy to use as nursing covers if you’re around other people and don’t feel like giving them an eye-full. We use one of these every day to swaddle Weston for his naps. (He is a swaddle ninja and usually wiggles himself out of blankets, so we don’t use these at night when he’s asleep for a longer period).

2. Just Born Wear-A-Blanket – Aside from its awesome name, this product is probably our favorite baby item because it drastically improved the quality of Weston’s nighttime sleep (and therefore our nighttime sleep). For weeks, bedtime was so frustrating because we couldn’t settle on a swaddle/blanket option that seemed to suit him. He used to squirm angrily when his arms were swaddled down, but if his arms were free, they would flail and wake him up. We tried those velcro swaddle things, blankets, sleep sacks, you name it. Nothing seemed to work – either Weston wasn’t happy or I was worried about a blanket coming loose since he wiggled around so much.

Enter: the Wear-A-Blanket. This thing is the bomb. Weston slept so much better once we started putting him in one. (He also outgrew his startle reflex around the time we stumbled across these, so the whole arms-being-free thing wasn’t as much of a problem by then). It has a velcro strap underneath that makes baby feel more secure, and small mesh areas to add breathability. I’m sure all babies are not as picky as ours when it comes to nighttime sleep preferences, and this specific product might not work for you, but sometimes it just takes a ton of trial and error (and patience) to figure out what works for you and your baby.

3. Sophie the Giraffe – This teething toy is soft for baby’s gums, and the legs are easy for little fingers to grasp. It’s also made of natural rubber, which is cool if that sort of thing is your jam. Sophie is by far Weston’s favorite toy – she makes her little photobombing appearance in just about all of the pics I take of him.


4.Changing Pad Liners – This one is a little boring, but we use the heck out of these Babies ‘R Us pads that come in a variety of sizes. We use medium sized ones on top of Weston’s changing pad and small square-shaped ones under his head to catch spit up when he’s playing on a blanket/activity mat. These pads are also good for impromptu diaper changes if we’re not near his changing table, and the large ones protect his crib sheet from diaper leaks. These things are so helpful!

5. Baby Bouncer – A bouncer may seem like an obvious essential baby item, but I wish we had gone with this one from the start. (We also have a Graco combination swing/bouncer, but this one is a little smaller and easier to move from room to room when needed). Weston plays in this bouncer every day right now, and the bar allows us to latch different dangling toys to add variety for him. He likes to hang out in it so he can play with his toys and watch us while we’re doing stuff around the house like getting ready in the mornings or cooking dinner.

Those are our favorite products – I’m sure I could keep going, but this post is getting long enough. The only other things I’d say we consider essential are lots of burp cloths, an activity mat for playtime on the floor, and a baby monitor (this is the one we have). I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but that’s all I’ve got for now. And for those mamas planning to breastfeed, nursing camis from Target are the best thing since the Baconator.

What are your baby item essentials? Leave a comment and share!


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  1. Our couldn’t live withouts are the Boppy, recently the Bumbo, his Graco swing/glider/bouncer (probably similar to yours), burp cloths, of course, and receiving blankets for swaddling. We use those Aden+Anais, too. Lucas has needed the sleep sacks, but those are pretty cool :)

    January 7, 2014
    • grace #

      We love our Boppy and Bumbo, too!

      January 7, 2014
  2. Jessica #

    Perfect timing, frooms :). Will add this to my arsenal of helpful baby supplies resources!

    January 10, 2014

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