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2013 Recap & Happy New Year

I’m a few days late, but Happy New Year!

2013 was a big one for us. Some highlights:

1. The best part of 2013 for us was adding our sweet baby boy to our fam. Weston has brought so much joy into our lives. Motherhood is by far the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but we’ve been having so much fun these past five and a half months. Even on the most frustrating days (like when he decides to boycott naps all day, like yesterday), all he has to do is look at me with that big gummy grin of his and it’s all worth it. We’re so blessed to have such a sweet little guy.


2. This one is connected to #1, so maybe it should be called #1.5 instead of #2, but being pregnant for over half of 2013 was also a highlight. I loved being pregnant. Yes it was uncomfortable at times, and the second half of my pregnancy was in a way a very scary time because of a potential umbilical cord problem we faced (more about that later), but I would do it again in a heartbeat. (Ok maybe not in a heartbeat — more like in a couple of years, when I forget that whole newborn-never-sleeping-at-night part). Anyways, I loved feeling Weston’s kicks and having a big ol’ pregnant belly and not having to count calories. And having cleavage for the first time, that was a plus. K, moving right along.


 3. Quitting my job. That was a biggie. I miss the feeling of productivity I had with teaching, and I miss the people I worked with, but this was the right decision for me for now. Even though I most likely won’t go back to middle school (God bless the brave souls of middle school teachers!), I’m sure I’ll return to teaching at some point. I’m loving being at home with the munchkin, so leaving teaching definitely goes in the “plus” column for 2013.

4. Joining community groups through our church. We’ve been attending our church for a while and love it — everything from the pastor to the music to the fact that we can wear jeans and get free coffee. But we hadn’t joined a small group, so we didn’t feel very connected. I am generally not the type of person to just show up to something where I will know absolutely nobody and actually participate (in terms of scary things, that ranks right up there for me with spider attacks and giving speeches), but I knew it was time to make the leap and get connected. I wanted to actually know other people when we showed up for church on Sundays instead of just smiling and saying hello to people whose names we didn’t even know.

So, I signed up for one, and one rainy day this past summer, I put on my brave girl pants and showed up. And I’m so glad I did. Those last months of my pregnancy were the scariest in terms of the cord knot we knew was threatening Weston’s life (but praise God it didn’t cause any problems!), and the book I read with this group of women was just what I needed during that season. I was in a different group this Fall, and it was wonderful, too. And (!) we actually know people at our church now, so yay. Branching out of my comfort zone and signing up for these groups was a definite highlight of the year.



I’m thankful for the ways we were challenged and grew this past year, in our faith and in our marriage and in becoming parents. It’s been a crazy good year. Here’s to a 2014 that undoubtedly has many more exciting things in store.

Happy New Year!

photo-3P.S. I think this just might be my favorite pic of the year: my men in their Gamecock gear.


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