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Hi! I’m Grace, a teacher turned Stay at Home Mom (for the time being, at least). I’m married to Will, (yes, we’re “Will & Grace,” like the TV show), and we have a sweet little chunker named Weston.

When I’m not cleaning spit up off my shirt or trying to get Weston to stay asleep just a little bit longer, I like to read, do yoga, attempt to cook, and have Netflix binges with my hubs.

Will is an infrastructure engineer/IT consultant. Basically he does lots of computer-y things.

I started this blog to indulge my writing hobby and to chronicle the ups and downs of raising a little one, organizing/DIYing our house, and living with Will’s disability — he was injured in a 2008 car accident and is a double amputee. And he totally rocks it, if you ask me.

One of my favorite writers, Glennon Doyle Melton, says that life is “brutiful” — both beautiful and brutal. In other words, life is tough for all of us for one reason or another, but it sure is good, too. Writing about our life helps me slow down and have more gratitude for the good that’s interwoven with all the tough. More gratitude leads to more joy, and who doesn’t want more of that? :)